The Lermods Pinball Company is a manufacturer of modifications for pinball machines.  We specialize in playfield and lighting accessories, including illuminated playfield toys and interactive undercabinet and backbox lighting.  

We strive to produce high quality and easy-to-install mods that enhance the overall aesthetics and play of pinball machines.  We have a wide variety of mods that work with most games and manufacturers.  We strive for quality and value and will only produce mods that we are comfortable putting in our own games.  In fact, we won’t develop mods for any game that we don’t or haven’t owned at some point.  This ensures proper fit and function and enhances the overall customer experience.  

Don’t see something you want, send us an email and let us tell you how we can light you up! 

We hope you learn a thing or two about your game when you install our mods, whether it’s as little as lifting the playfield or making simple electrical connections.  Once you learn and understand how your game works, the possibilities are endless…and we are here to help!

We currently offer over 60 mods for more than 25 games, including for Stern, Jersey Jack, Bally/Williams and Data East.  

We take customer service very seriously, if you aren’t happy, neither are we and we’ll do what we can to make it right!

We thank you in advance for your business…