• Metallica PRO Pinball Illuminated Coffin Lock Ball Mod



    If you are like me, you cannot tell when you qualify a locked ball.  The lights under the playfield just don’t give a good indication.  With this extremely effective and great looking coffin mod, you will easily be able to tell when you have a locked ball.  

    The mod attaches to the plastic next to the snake and above the captive coffin ball.  The wires are fed down through the large hole in the playfield behind the snake.  Alligator clip connections are then made to the three coffin lock lights under the playfield.  When you qualify Lock Ball 1, a set of LED eyes will illuminate. Qualify Lock Ball 2 and a set second of eyes illuminates, Lock Ball 3 and a third set of eyes illuminates. Skeleton eyes light Red, Green and Blue.

    Install Instructions