• Stern Pinball LED Strip Color Changing Backboard Light Kit


    Light up the dark back board areas with this dramatic RGB led backboard light strip. The light can be changed to any of 15 colors with a supplied remote as well as having fade or flash effects as show in the videos.  Want blue, press the blue button, want red, press red, etc.  The mod comes with a 20" rgb light strip, led controller and led remote control.  You can change colors with the glass on!  The is a plug and play mod and takes less than 5 minutes to install.

    For Stern games (non-Spike!) it plugs into the 12v auxillary plug in the front of the cabinet by the right flipper button.  No permanent modifications to your game are made, easily reversible, though once you see the amazing effects, you'll never want to remove it. No soldering, drilling or cutting, not a single tool required!