Store Policies


Lermods social media pages, profiles, presences, and communities are intended to be safe places for our customers to engage in respectful conversations about the pinball industry that honor each person’s experiences and beliefs.


Lermods does not censor or police personal ideas or experiences shared on our social media, but does its best to keep behavior within clearly stated Guidelines. We reserve the right to remove questionable comments including (but not limited to) anything that:

  • infringes on legal rights of content ownership, or otherwise indicates participation in, suggestion or encouragement of any illegal activity,
  • promotes false or fake claims about our products/services
  • makes a false accusation of our company or employees,
  • is unsolicited bulk or repeat messages (spam or flooding),
  • is hateful, threatening, vulgar or pornographic; incites violence,
  • becomes argumentative in nature,
  • is a personal attack (including but not limited to instigation, accusation, bullying, intimidation, harassment),
  • violates Facebook’s or any social platform’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

If behavior falls outside of the accepted Guidelines, individuals will be permanently banned/removed from our social media at our discretion.

Our Social Media pages, like other public online forums, shouldn't require constant moderation given responsible participation. Please handle personal issues through personal messages, or use Facebook’s tools to Block that individual. Violations of Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities should be reported to Facebook through their Flag and Report tools. If you receive unsolicited or unwelcome private messages through Lermods Facebook, please use Facebook’s tools to Report and Block the user. If would like to report the message to Lermods, please copy and paste the entire text of the message into an email and send to