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ABE_FLIPS Godzilla Pinball Shooter Lane Fix

ABE_FLIPS Godzilla Pinball Shooter Lane Fix

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Does the ball rattle around your shooter lane when you plunge?  Do you often not get clean plunges?  Tired of trying to adjust your shooter rod?  Inspired by pinsider ABE_FLIPS, we have designed a 100% fix to this problem.  Our 3D printed bracket adheres to the right side of the shooter lane preventing the ball from rattling and ensuring you get a clean plunge every time whether plunging soft or hard.  Clean plunges are critical in this game because of all the skill shots.  You will receive a 3D printed bracket with double sided tape to adhere it. 

Full mod includes the extender.  

If you already purchases the mod there is an option for just the extender.

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