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Alien Pinball Mini Beacon Airlock Mod

Alien Pinball Mini Beacon Airlock Mod

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Add some bling to your game with these illuminated and interactive mini beacons. For LV owners, these beacons will mimic the activity of your topper beacons. For those with an SV, like us, these mini beacons will act the same way the topper beacons do in the LV. Beacons are driven by the game code. This mod is plug and play, no drilling, soldering or permanent modification required. In fact, no tools are needed at all. Installs in about 3 minutes.

If you own an LV, choose the LV option which will include a splitter so that you can connect this mod and your current topper beacons.

If you own an SV, and have topper beacons, please choose the LV option.  If you have an SV and DO NOT have topper beacons, choose the SV option.

Any questions, please email us!

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