• Attack From Mars REMAKE Pinball LED Strip Backboard and Trough Light Combo Kit


    Make your dark areas of your machine come to life with this super bright and vibrant Backboard and Trough Light Combo Kit. Really improves visibility and overall game aesthetics. Plug and play, simple install.  Due to the limited availability of connections on the Remake, it is sold as a Combo Kit only.   Shown in purple and green with a green trough and also purple/green with a white trough, but can also do amber, red and blue.  Choose your own colors!

    This mod uses the J109 connection on the driver board.  On LE games, J109 is used by the topper connection.  Please choose whether you have a standard/SE or an LE.  If you have a standard/SE and you have a topper, please choose the LE version of this mod.

    Install Instructions