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Stranger Things Pinball Apron Light Kit

Stranger Things Pinball Apron Light Kit

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If you own a newer run Stranger Things pinball machine with Insider Connect and have purchased a UV kit, you will receive a different apron. That apron does not include a light for the plastic on the right side so only the left side will be lit, which looks a bit odd.  

Our kit replaces the left side light and adds a second light for the right side. This kit is plug and play and matches the hardware on the left, including a nylon spacer, screw and two 3d printed brackets.  You will simply unplug and remove the current left side light and plug in and install our light kit.  The lights are interactive with the GI, which means they will dim and brighten as the game’s GI changes and you won’t lose any game code effects.  

You can order warm white or cool white, but if you want to match the game, we suggest cool white.

Note:  There should be a dimple where the screw for the new mount will go on the right side and we recommend drilling a small pilot hole to attach the bracket.

Stranger Things Pinball Apron Light Kit-Stranger Things Pinball is a copyrighted image and we own the rights to use it. This product is strictly an aftermarket modification and by no means is affiliated with Netflix, Stranger Things or Stern Pinball, Inc.

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