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Godzilla Pinball Interactive Fire-Breathing Godzilla

Godzilla Pinball Interactive Fire-Breathing Godzilla

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Get rid of that ridiculous flat plastic picture and replace it with our awesome Interactive Fire-Breathing Godzilla figure.  LE and Premium owners, don't fret, this will fit your game too. Just remove your existing figure and replace it with ours.

Godzilla's breathing fire is interactive with the left spinner flasher. There's also an option to add an integrated flasher to light up Godzilla. The flasher consists of a spotlight kit with a green bulb that is interactive with the maser dome flasher. Both Godzilla's breath and the spotlight will light at the same time as shown in the video.

Note: this is the same Flasher Mod as the one offered alone  AND as an add on to the PRO Bridge mod, please do not order/add on both

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