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Godzilla Pinball PRO Bridge Mod

Godzilla Pinball PRO Bridge Mod

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Flasher Option
Our newest addition to the game! This bridge fits over the wire form ramp perfectly and looks like it came with the game. Adds just the right amount of detail without blocking any of the game. Simple install.
Get them while they are available!

We are also offering an option to add this integrated flasher to light up your Godzilla. Green LED strip will affix to the back of the bridge and interact with the maser dome flasher. See video to see it in action. See note below.

Note: this is the same Flasher Mod as the one offered alone for $30 AND as an add on to the Fire-Breathing Godzilla, please do not order/add on both

This mod is made in conjunction with Random Pinball
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