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Jaws Pinball Signs and Boardwalk

Jaws Pinball Signs and Boardwalk

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Add some depth to your Jaws Pinball playfield with our 3D signs and boardwalk (boardwalk for PRO games only).  Note the detail on the sign posts and boardwalk mimicking real wood.

These signs are hand painted and mimic what is on the plastic below them.  The Pond/East Beach signs are an indicator for the real and right ramp shots, respectively. Signs are simple to install, simply mount over any playfield screw.  Be sure NOT to crank down on the nut or screw as you could crack the mounting base!

NOTE: If your game suffers from airball on the upper right side, we strongly encourage you to fix that issue before installing the Pond/East Beach sign.

NOTE: Boardwalk install is super easy, peel and stick


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