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John Wick Pinball PRO Blood Oath Marker

John Wick Pinball PRO Blood Oath Marker

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"A marker is no small thing, John. For a man to grant a marker to another, is to bind a soul to a blood oath." —Santino D'Antonio to John Wick

Stern provides a plastic on the Pro as the Blood Oath Marker, hardly worthy of this title.  This is hardly fitting for John Wick.  Instead, replace that plastic with our highly detailed, 3d sculpted version complete with a hinged cover and authentic fingerprint markers.   Installation takes just a few minutes, simply unscrew the stock plastic and install our Blood Oath Marker.  Our version utilizes the existing stock lighting to illuminate the fingerprints during game play.  Tip:  The targets below the blood oath marker light the ball save in the outlanes.

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This mod is made in conjunction with Random Pinball.

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