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Pinball Apron Light Kit, Universal

Pinball Apron Light Kit, Universal

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Apron Light Question:

 Stern Premium and LE games that have an insider connected reader on the apron only have a light to illuminate the left side plastic on the apron. If you relocate the IC to the coindoor and replace the area with a new plastic, it won’t be lit. We have put together a light kit to illuminate the right side apron. We wanted the kit to be as close to a factory look as possible, have both sides match colors and be interactive with the game code. The LEDs will dim and brighten with the GI so there will be no change relative to the stock light. 

The kit includes both a right side light AND a left side light, which replaces the stock light. We include two sets of led lights (you can choose cool or warm), two 3D printed mounting brackets, and a screw and nylon spacer for the right side. It is plug and play, meaning you unplug the stock left side light and plug in our kit. There should be a dimple on the right side where you will need to drill a small pilot hole for the mounting screw.

Please choose below whether your game has two front apron lights as shown in the Godzilla pic below.  Wiring for games with these lights is slightly different. 

Please check your game before ordering.  Some newer run Stern games may already have an led on the right side. If this is the case, you don’t need our kit.

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