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The Addams Family Pinball Illuminated Train Mod

The Addams Family Pinball Illuminated Train Mod

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Our Train mod has three LEDs, interactive with Jackpot insert. Die cast metal, not plastic. Looks as though it was made for the game. Easy install, no soldering. Mounts directly on plastic next to train wreck target.

NOTE: Please note that a very small number of Bally-Williams games, including the Addams Family, have slightly varied circuit boards. This means the socket we supply to make the connection may not fit.  These are standard sockets sold across the industry, but are not the original sockets, which are no longer made.  If the socket we supply does not fit in your circuit board you can use the supplied alligator clips to make the connection to a GI socket or you can unsolder the wires from our socket to the socket in your game.  As stated, this affects a very small number of games, but we wanted to note it upfront.  This is detailed in the instructions we supply.  Please contact us with any questions.

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