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Animated Interactive Grogu

Animated Interactive Grogu

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Not liking your static Grogu? Make Grogu come alive with this animated interactive version. Grogu's movement is tied to any light on the playfield. In the video shown it is tied to the H insert. Whenever that H insert lights, Grogu will move.

Grogu fits snugly in the back left with no mounting hardware required but you can add your own mount if you prefer. Connection is made in the backbox, if this is already being used, you will need to add the splitter option.

If you want to stop your Grogu from moving during attract mode, add the option for an inline backbox on/off switch that will easily allow you to deactivate Grogu.

Already have the Grogu and just need the wiring harness? We've got you covered, just choose that from the menu.

The full set up is plug and play, the wiring harness will require some soldering.

This mod was inspired by acejedi from Pinside.

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