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Gabby Pop Up Illumination

Gabby Pop Up Illumination

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Illuminate Gabby when she pops out of the playfield with our latest mod.  This mod includes a small led strip, mounting bracket and wire to connect via plug and play. 

Note that this light is always on, even when Gabby is in the down position, so there is some light bleeding through at all times.  Light bleed is barely noticeable, but if this bothers you, the mod is not for you.  Pics show Gabby in the up and down position with a warm white led.  We offer the light in a variety of colors.

Toy Story 4 Pinball Gabby Pop Up Illumination-Toy Story 4 Pinball is a copyrighted image and we own the rights to use it. This product is strictly an aftermarket modification and by no means is affiliated with Disney or Jersey Jack Pinball

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